Radio module based on LoRaWAN technology for water, electricity and gas consumption meters with pulse output

The LoRaWAN data transmission technology used in our radio module allows communication with the recording server (via the gateway) at a distance of up to 16 km in the suburbs for 5 years (at least) without changing the power source (battery). The purpose of the radomodule is to quickly and easily create a system for remote collection of meter readings.

Advantages and characteristics:
  • Possibility of wireless data collection without access to the apartment;
  • USB - port for updating the software version;
  • At least 5 years of battery life without replacing the power supply;
  • 4 pulse inputs for household meters to optimize the required number of radio modules in the structure;
  • Simplicity of installation and reliability of the system (there are no unnecessary commutations);
  • External magnetic field sensor;
  • Tamper sensor;
  • Indicator of the discharge and serviceability of the radio module;
  • Overall dimensions: 70x48.8x35mm;
  • Open protocol of exchange;
  • Certified module RN2483 manufactured by Microchip for operation in LoRaWAN networks.
Printed circuit board of radio module

3D model of radio module

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